Time Zone
GMT+ 4 hours.

Oman is pleasantly warm for eight months of the year. From October to April, the temperature rarely dip to 20 °C. the hottest months are from May to September. In June and July, the temperature often sours to 40 °C. The coast can be humid, but most of the country remains arid all year. The exception is Salalah in the south, where the khareef, a mosoon, brings cooling rain between June and August. Some areas in the Wusta and Sharqiya region also remain cool in the summer month.

Official language
Oman’s official and national language is Arabic, although most people will have a good understanding of English, particularly in more urban and tourist areas. English is widely spoken and used in the
business sectors.

Local Currency and exchange rate
The Omani Rial (OMR) is pegged to the US dollar at RO 1 = US$ 2.6. There are 1,000 Baisas in an Omani Rial. ATMs are widely available and major credit cards are accepted in larger hotels, restaurants and shops. In markets and small businesses, cash is preferred.

How to Apply for a VISA

Dress Code
Oman is a Muslim country and respect for local customs is recommended. Omanis are not obliged cover up fully in public, but most wear long, loose, modest clothing and visitors are advised do the same. women should cover their head with a light shawl when visiting the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque or traditional rural communities. Things are generally more relaxed in tourist resorts.

Local Transport information
In Oman the local transportation is facilitated by Mwasalat City Bus transport which is used easily along with the motor taxi which is very common. Mwasalat – City Bus in Muscat, Oman, you could visit the website to find the timetable of the bus
services :

Airport Taxis
Taking a taxi from the airport: Taxis from Muscat International Airport are available to all destinations in Muscat and beyond.
For any further enquiries, contact the Taxi Counter on telephone (+968-24341297) or email
Marhaba Taxi: