THEME FOR the design muscat 2019

Design, Culture and Tourism as Drivers of Attractiveness and Competitiveness


The event of design and business is intended to bring professionals from all around the world in order to active discuss the role of design in cultural and tourism developing products and spaces as a marketing strategy. To preserve and promote all culture products through design and effective marketing.

Design and Culture as a factor in the competitiveness of the destination

It Is clear that design and culture is important for tourism and for the attractiveness and competitiveness of destinations. The most successful destinations are those that can create a positive synergy between culture, tourism and design. But this synergy does not happen automatically: it has to be created, developed and managed.

In many destinations, the "creative Industries' or the "cultural Industries" have also been identified as having an important relationship with tourism. As tourism increasingly shifts away from its previous preoccupation with landscapes and natural resources (sun, sea and sand, for example), tourists become more involved In symbolic and sensory consumption of the images and Ideas associated with particular destinations.